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Updated on June 27, 2022 1:18 am

Republicans Are Falling Apart As Steve Bannon Calls John Fetterman Satanic

Things are not going well for Republicans as Steve Bannon tries to scare Pennsylvania voters by calling John Fetterman satanic.

Here is Bannon’s post on Truth Social:

Republicans have mostly been sticking to claiming that John Fetterman is really Bernie Sanders on stilts, a.k.a. an evil socialist who is out to destroy all that Pennsylvanians hold near and dear, but that attack has failed to launch.

Republicans have tried to tie Fetterman to Biden, but the President has done a lot of popular stuff lately, and with gas prices and inflation on the decline, Biden isn’t the anchor that Republicans hoped he would be. Plus, were you aware that Joe Biden is from Scranton, PA? No, really. He is, and Pennsylvanians love their own, so that attack hasn’t done much either.

It isn’t even Labor Day, and Steve Bannon has been reduced to claiming that Fetterman is in league with the Dark One.

The same Steve Bannon who thinks that Republicans need to declare war and defund the FBI believes that John Fetterman is evil.

Republicans are out of ideas while running a terrible candidate who only their Senate nomination because Donald Trump showed up to barely get him over the finish line.

Steve Bannon calling John Fetterman evil is the funniest thing you will read all day, and it is a sure sign that Republicans are losing.


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