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Updated on June 1, 2023 11:15 pm

HBO Max deal: Save 40% on a one-year subscription now

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If you’ve been sleeping on HBO Max now is the time to subscribe to the streaming service. First-year subscribers can get the ad-based version for only $70 for the entire year or the ad-free version for only $105 for one year. The deal translates to savings of 40%.

HBO Max deals are incredibly rare — so rare that in the entire time I’ve been watching for deals, this is the first time I’ve seen a deal for HBO Max. Sure, previously you could get an annual subscription and save $30 off the monthly fee. That’s not a deal since that’s the normal price of an annual subscription to the streaming service.

What you get with the annual subscription is a library of great content. Whether you’re watching older comforts like “Friends” or binge-watching the latest hit series like “Euphoria” or “The Rehearsal” – or even the new Game of Thrones series “House of the Dragon” drop coming this Sunday.

There is a ton of kids programming, too, and you can enjoy family-friendly pieces and watch “Sesame Street” to classics like “Spy Kids.” You’ll also get access to “Adventure Time” and ” Teen Titans Go.”

As a personal subscriber myself, I find that out of all the streaming services I am signed up for, HBO Max is the one I click through my Roku for the most. It has high-quality content with hits like ” The Gilded Age,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Barry,” and “Hacks.” Like other streaming services, I can split out my profiles with other household viewers to keep our recommendations catered to our viewing preferences, too.

While you have until October 30 to pick up this deal, don’t wait — the “House of the Dragon” certainly isn’t waiting ahead of its August 21 release. You can get one year for $70 with ads, or $105 ad-free. After the year is up, it will go back to its original pricing of $99 for a year with ads and $149 ad-free.


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