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Updated on June 27, 2022 1:18 am

YouTube will share ad revenue with Shorts creators

YouTube just announced a major change to its Partner Program that will allow its short-form video creators to make a lot more money from its platform. The company announced that it‘s adding advertising to its TikTok rival, YouTube Shorts, and will share revenue with creators.

The change could help YouTube draw creators away from TikTok, where stars have about low creator fund payouts. “This is the first time real revenue sharing is being offered for short-form video on any platform at scale,” YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mahon said during an event announcing the news.

With the new revenue sharing program, creators who get 10 million views on Shorts in a 90-day period can apply to join the Partner Program. Like TikTok, ads on Shorts will appear between videos in the Shorts feed. Revenue from the ads will be pooled and split among creators, Mohan said. Creators will get a 45 percent cut of the ads, regardless of whether they use music.

“Each creator is paid on their share of total Shorts views, and this revenue share remains the same, even if they use music,” he explained.


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