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Updated on March 29, 2023 6:04 am

The 5 best space heaters of 2022

Smart home technology has made it possible to remotely lock doors, see and speak to someone at your front door, schedule automatic light settings, and even remotely control your home’s temperature.

Space heaters have entered the smart home market with advanced features like Wi-Fi connection, voice assistant compatibilities, and mobile apps that allow you to control your home’s heat from anywhere. You can also receive notifications when your room has reached the perfect temperature.

We’ve rounded up the best smart space heaters available to warm your home in the most modern way.

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  • Quiet
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Heats up quickly

  • Best features require separate Govvee thermostat, which costs $50

Features: Heats 160-270 square feet | 1500 watts | Automatic power off

The Govee space heater is an excellent smart space heater, thanks to its compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. It heats up within two seconds and turns off automatically after 24 hours of continuous use. The space heater also features 80-degree oscillation, a soft heat option, and an easy switch off: just tilt it up 45 degrees for three seconds. Plus, the heater’s sound measures at a quiet 45 decibels (dB).

The built-in sensor performs basic thermostat functions, but you can also pair it with a Govee thermos-hygrometer (sold separately) for upgraded thermostat features like comfort indicators, humidity moderation, instant alerts, and data tracking. 


  • Functions as fan, heater, and air purifier
  • Wide heating range
  • Real-time reports on air quality, temperature, and humidity

  • Expensive
  • Could be quieter

Features: 350-degree oscillation | Heats up to 290 square feet | Captures 99.97% of particles 

Dyson is known for making high-end products with ground-breaking technology, and the Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool fan heater is no exception. This device functions as a fan, heater, and HEPA purifier that captures up to 99.97% of particles.

The heater uses thermostatic control to bring your room to the perfect temperature. Through the Dyson Link app, you can see real-time reports on indoor and outdoor air quality, temperature, humidity, and filter life. Plus, you can remotely control the heater and create schedules for your home throughout the day.


  • Wall mount saves space
  • Great heating range

  • Limited power
  • Vent direction not adjustable

Features: Heats up to 200 square feet | 1000 watts | Wall-mounted

The Heat Storm Deluxe mounted wall heater is a budget-friendly option that also saves space in your room. Mounted on your wall, it can heat a room of up to 200 square feet as the sole heat source, or a space of 500 square feet as a supplemental heating source. 

This smart heater features Wi-Fi connection, so you can remotely power your unit on or off, control the temperature, set child locks, and even schedule heat intervals. 


  • Advanced tip-over safety technology
  • Lightweight

  • Limited thermostat controls
  • Heats slower than other options

Features: Heats up to 750 square feet | 1500 watts | Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant 

A big safety concern with space heaters is that if they tip over, they could overheat. However, this smart space heater from Atomi has the best tip-over technology. It senses when the heater has tipped over and instantly sends your smartphone a notification. It’s also built with a wobble-free base that’s compatible with hardwood and carpet floors for extra tip-over safety. 

Aside from safety features, this smart heater has a touchscreen digital control panel that’s easy to control. You can also opt to control the heater using your voice, since it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 


  • Easy to mount and install
  • Compatible with smart home assistants
  • Space-saving and paintable

  • Low square footage coverage

Features: Heats up to 120 square feet | 400 watts | 3-year warranty 

The EconoHome space heater is another wall-mounted option that’s compatible with most smart home assistants. It works with Google Assistant, Google Nest, Apple Home Kit, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and Samsung Smart Things, so you can control your home’s heat with your voice. Plus, it recognizes multiple languages. 

EconoHome claims to lower your energy bill up to 50% by using 0.4KW per hour, which is less than a third of energy used by other space heaters. 

ZDNET experts pick the Govee space heater as the best overall smart space heater, thanks to its heating range, voice assistant compatibility, and price point. 

Smart Space Heater


Heat Coverage


Govee Space Heater


160-270 square feet

1500 watts

Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool™ Fan Heater


Up to 290 square feet 

2000 watts

Heat Storm Deluxe


200-500 square feet

1000 watts

Atomi Tower Space Heater


Up to 750 square feet

1500 watts

EconoHome Space Heater Panel


Up to 120 square feet

400 watts

While all of these smart space heaters are excellent picks, it ultimately depends on the size of the space you need to heat, whether you prefer a tower or panel heater, and how much you’re willing to spend. 

Choose this smart space heater…

If you want…

Govee Space Heater

The best overall option

Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool™ Fan Heater

To splurge on a space heater, fan, and air purifier

Heat Storm Deluxe

A budget-friendly space heater you can mount on your wall

Atomi Tower Space Heater

A tower space heater with excellent tip-over safety features

EconoHome Space Heater Panel

A wall-mounted space heater compatible with smart home assistants

We chose these smart space heaters by conducting extensive research in the space heater market. We compared ratings and reviews from customers (both good and bad), standout features, brands, and different price points to help you find the best smart space heater for your budget and needs.

Yes. To control your smart space heater with your voice, you’ll need the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant app with a registered account. Simply add the device to your account and begin heating.

Because space heaters distribute heat in a small spaces — rather than heating your entire home like a central unit does — they generally use less energy and save you money in monthly energy bills. 

However, it’s important to pay attention to wattage, since larger space heaters require more wattage, meaning more energy to run it. 

There are plenty of smart space heaters on the market. Here are a few other options to that receive ZDNET honorable mention:


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