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Updated on March 24, 2023 10:29 pm

Judge Rules Mel Gibson Eligible to Appear at Harvey Weinstein Trial – Deadline

Mel Gibson could possibly take the stand in Harvey Weinstein’s sex crimes trial here in Los Angeles.

In a motions hearing today at the Criminal Courts building in downtown Los Angeles, lawyers for the incarcerated producer and the L.A. Country District Attorneys office argued over wehther or not the Oscar-winning Gibson would be allowed to testify as a corroborating witness for Jane Doe No. 3 in the upcoming trial.

In May 18, 2021, Gibson said in an interview that he was getting a massage from Jane Doe 3. Mel noticed that when he mentioned “Harvey,” Jane Doe 3 began to cry, gave Gibson the idea that Weinstein had sexually assaulted or groped her.

Even though Judge Lisa Lench will allow Gibson to take the stand in the high-profile trial, that does not mean that he necessarily will. In cases like this, it is common that there are more witnesses on the list than are actually called, not matter how much star power they have.

Weinstein lawyer Mark Werksman argued that GIbson did not like Weinstein and should not be allowed to give testimony.

“Shortly after (Gibson’s film The Passion of the Christ) came out, Mr. Weinstein’s publishing company, Miramax Books, put out a book called Perspectives on Passion of the Christ debunking the movie’s anti-semitic overtones and false depiction of the Jews.”  

“This created a feud between Mr. Gibson and a Weinstein. Mr. Weinstein is jewish … Mr. Gibson knew that,” Werksman said.

Werksman continued, “Any evidence of Mr. Gibson’s racism or anti-semitism would give rise to a bias against my client, who challenged him.” 

The judge said Weinstein’s lawyers could bring up the Passion of the Christ and Weinstein’s book on its anti-Semitism argument, but not quotes from Gibson’s 2006 arrest in which he made anti-Semitic remarks.


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