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Updated on March 30, 2023 8:32 am

29 People Who Didn’t Realize They Met Celebrities


“My friend’s mom owns a small Asian grocery store. Post Malone came walking in with his girlfriend, and my friend’s mom had no idea who he was…”

“A few cute things happened: 

1. She was nervous because of his tattoos, but happy/not worried once he bought a lot of food. She had no idea he was a celebrity. 

2. She gave him a free snack for buying so much food and told him to come back for lunchtime for cheap and tasty gyoza (he did come back the next day!).

3. She was worried he would get mugged going to his car because of three big men outside, so she followed him outside (they were his bodyguards).

4. She really liked his ‘cool car’ (it was a Lamborghini). 

When Post Malone came back the next day for gyoza, she got a selfie with him. The whole thing is adorable with how innocent his mom is.”



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