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Updated on June 1, 2023 10:05 pm

See Drake’s Diamond Necklace in Honor of 42 Times He Almost Proposed

Move over, Ariana Grande, Drake has more than just seven rings.

In the ultimate rich flex, Drake has new piece of bling that is inspired by all the fiancées he never had. On Dec. 12, jewelry designer Alex Moss shared an Instagram Reel showing off a dazzling diamond necklace, featuring sparkers from dozens of engagement rings to represents the times the “Hotline Bling” rapper almost proposed.

“New piece titled ‘Previous Engagements’ for all the times he thought about it but never did it,” the caption read. “42 engagement rings.”

Moss tells E! News that Drake’s necklace—which took over a year to complete—boasts 42 stones and a whopping 351.38 carats in diamonds.

“The entire project took 14 months to complete top to bottom, and was built by hand in New York City,” Moss told E! News on Dec. 13. “It was made using 18k white gold, and was set using the eagle claw technique.”
He added, “No other details can be disclosed, other than the fact that this is the most insane chain ever made.”


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