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Updated on June 27, 2022 1:18 am

Democrats Fall in Line Behind Biden

Tara Palmeri: “The Democratic establishment is shoring up around Biden. It’s not like 2008, when a neophyte Barack Obama came after Hillary Clinton, and there were some splinters. For decades, Democrats have been criticized for falling in love rather than falling in line, like Republicans. But that curse seems to have been cured, at least for now.”

“It’s partially a case of PTSD from 2016. There’s a real fear inside the party that if they rock the boat and a raucous primary weakens Biden, they could have another four years of Trump, or whomever. Until then, Biden remains the unity candidate.”

Key takeaway: “The biggest challenge of a party coup is that it requires serious temerity and timing. A challenger would have to preemptively announce before Biden makes his own declaration, and run the risk of a poor reception, which could be political suicide.”

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